Fiji – Master Licensee​
(2019 – 2022)

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Before I discovered HydroKleen Global, Fiji had only one way to clean HVAC units; the general strip service. When researching new ways to improve this technique, I found HydroKleen Global and I was AMAZED!

The style and standard of the HydroKleen Global HVAC cleaning equipment really stood out for me.

I had been working in a resort with over 300 HVAC units, and was carrying out 3 cleans per day (strip servicing) with only 2 other trainees. I always wanted to move with new methods and technologies to make the workload, easier, faster and more efficient.

Becoming a HydroKleen Global licensee helping me to solve the regular issues of gas leaks with HVAC units, carry out more units servicing per day and increase the lifetime of the HVAC unit.   

Like many licensees, I first discovered HydroKleen Global on YouTube, watching with fascination their video that has now been seen more than 6 million times!

I am proud to say that I have introduced the HydroKleen method in Fiji and have achieved many great things I did not expect with this product, including winning the business of high-profiles resorts in my country. In my opinion, I have the best equipment in the world to clean Fiji’s HVAC units and words cannot describe what this means to me.

“You will never find any other product better than HydroKleen.”

Ashneet Vijay – HydroKleen Global Master Licensee – Fiji

Welcoming our new Master Licensee in Fiji

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