A HydroKleen Global License is a great opportunity for existing HVAC technicians, entrepreneurs and innovative business-people to build or grow their business, by accessing the specific tools, systems and products, along with in-depth training of a unique, state-of-the-art HVAC cleaning equipment system.

As our business model doesn’t require a shopfront, this significantly decreases initial licensing and ongoing overhead costs.

The HydroKleen Global HVAC cleaning equipment, along with the online training provided via HydroKleen University makes us the leader in the HVAC equipment cleaning industry.

The high-pressure water pump we have developed over the years produces a much superior clean than current methods might offer. And, after developing and testing many different cleaning agents, we settled on a product which complies with all health standards and the cleaning needs required to ensure that we have a totally clean air conditioning system. 

You can see the difference our cleaning systems make by viewing one of our many YouTube videos

Non-Exclusive Licensees
Licensees with a “Non-Exclusive Licence” purchase the base package with a 10-year license.

A Non-Exclusive licensee is for a town/city or province and has NO exclusivity over that area.

E.g. Another Non-Exclusive HydroKleen license can be sold into that town/city or province by HydroKleen Global.

Exclusive Licensees
Licensees with an “Exclusive Licence” purchase the rights to a town/city or province with a 15-year license.

An Exclusive licensee has exclusivity over that area and no other equipment can be sold into that area for 15 years by HydroKleen Global.

The price for an Exclusive License is worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Master Licensees
Licensees with a “Master Licence” purchase the rights to state/province or country with a 20 + 20-year license.

A Master licensee has exclusivity over that area and no other equipment can be sold into that area for 20 + 20 years by HydroKleen Global.

The price for a Master License is worked out on a case-by-case basis.

View the “Premium Package Equipment Schedule” to see the complete list – there is also a photo gallery of the equipment so you can visualise what it looks like.

The licence gives you permission to use the HydroKleen Global equipment and a login to access our website for use of training, marketing, intellectual property, product and spare parts ordering. This is for your protection as well as ours.

While we do not know all the required laws for tradespeople in all countries, we do know that in 'some' countries, as the technician is not touching wiring or checking gas pressure, they do not need to hold a trades license. We provide training on how to clean an Air Conditioner safely.

One Technician can clean and service between 8 – 12 wall splits (mini splits) per day. These numbers will depend on how far you must travel and how dirty the splits might be. Cassettes generally take about 2 – 3 hours if cleaned correctly.

Two Technicians in the one vehicle working together will clean upward of 15 – 20 wall splits (mini splits) per day.

We have assumed an 8 – 9 hour day.

The HydroKleen machine needs little maintenance other than keeping it clean and neat and tidy. HydroKleen Global supply a spare pump and spare micro switch for the pump. While our pumps (12 volt) generally last 2 – 3 years before replacement they are generally trouble-free. The longevity of the pump will also depend on how much you use the machine. Like anything, the more you use it, the quicker it will wear out.

You will find when using the HydroKleen catchment bags that the small and medium bags will get used more often than the large bag. We have found in Australia that the bags that we use daily last about 18 months – 2 years. The bags will still work perfect and are extremely durable but they start to not look as "presentable" after several years of use.

The more you look after your catchment bags the longer they will last.

You may be able to fit the equipment into your current work vehicles as the biggest component is the HydroKleen machine which is one metre tall standing upright. In your Equipment Package we supply ramps to manoeuvre the equipment in to the vehicle, plus two-wheel locators for the machine and two tie down straps to lock the machine in place. It will be at your discretion as to how you fit these locators and tie down points in your vehicle.

We supply visuals of how we retain the machine in our Caddy Vans. You must also make sure that your catchments bags are stored correctly in the vehicle. Again, we will give you visuals of how we store them in our Caddy Vans.

HydroKleen provide their dual pump machine and the equipment that comes included under license only. We do also manufacture another product called SACE - Specialised Air Conditioning Cleaning Equipment (www.sacemachine.com) This is purchased online like you would purchase a TV or a fridge and does not include the license, Ability to use the HydroKleen brand or name, The training, The marketing, the different sized catchment bags, cleaning agents or the ability to access the HydroKleen online store.
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What’s Next?

We carefully help interested parties through our licensing process, to ensure you feel supported and that the business opportunity is well-understood.
Our goal is to support you in making a decision you are happy with, through strong, supportive relationships with our CEO and support team from the outset.
To get started, download our HydroKleen Global Information Package. We’ll email you further details of what is included in each licensing opportunity and provide an opportunity to schedule a call with team. 

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