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Are you currently operating a HVAC business, providing air conditioning and heating services, or refrigeration & electrical business with a goal to expand? Or perhaps you want to commence your entrepreneurial journey in an expanding industry?

Joining the HydroKleen Global team to access our state of the art HVAC cleaning equipment and systems could be the best business decision you ever make.

We are the market leaders in providing entrepreneurs, business owners and HVAC businesses and technicians with superior HVAC cleaning equipment & systems across the globe.

Our extensive experience in starting and growing HVAC cleaning licensees’ businesses in over 40 countries in the past 10 years, puts us lightyears ahead of our competitors. Plus, our equipment and systems are truly best-in-class, so your customers’ will benefit from their HVAC systems being cleaned safely and effectively with unique equipment make especially for cleaning HVAC systems.

This is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry with huge opportunities to expand, thanks to a renewed focus on air-quality, health, wellness and sustainability of assets.

Why HydroKleening Your Air Conditioner Is Important

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Why Choose HydroKleen Global?

A HydroKleen Global HVAC cleaning equipment and systems license provides an opportunity for you to access:

  • The original and best HVAC cleaning equipment and licensing system
  • World leading Hygiene Best Practice Standards
  • Specialised equipment designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Specialised virtual training in ductless HVAC cleaning and business systems
  • Our comprehensive Online HydroKleen University and Training Centre
  • A 9-point 100% money back consumer guarantee
  • Continual and extensive ongoing Research & Development
  • Globally branded in over 45 countries

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Before I discovered HydroKleen Global, Fiji had only one way to clean HVAC units; the general strip service. When researching new ways to improve this technique, I found HydroKleen Global and I was AMAZED!

The style and standard of the HydroKleen Global HVAC cleaning equipment really stood out for me.

I had been working in a resort with over 300 HVAC units, and was carrying out 3 cleans per day (strip servicing) with only 2 other trainees. I always wanted to move with new methods and technologies to make the workload, easier, faster and more efficient.

Becoming a HydroKleen Global licensee helping me to solve the regular issues of gas leaks with HVAC units, carry out more units servicing per day and increase the lifetime of the HVAC unit.   

Like many licensees, I first discovered HydroKleen Global on YouTube, watching with fascination their video that has now been seen more than 6 million times!

I am proud to say that I have introduced the HydroKleen method in Fiji and have achieved many great things I did not expect with this product, including winning the business of high-profiles resorts in my country. In my opinion, I have the best equipment in the world to clean Fiji’s HVAC units and words cannot describe what this means to me.

“You will never find any other product better than HydroKleen.”

Ashneet Vijay – HydroKleen Global Master Licensee - Fiji

We are a company located in Singapore known as PassionAir specialising in air-conditioners. We work with our customers throughout their air-conditioner’s life cycle, from installation to maintenance and repairs. PassionAir has been in the industry for more than 20 years and our team are constantly looking into continuous improvement and to further hone our craft.

We have always wanted to look for a method to deep-clean air-conditioners without the need to pump down the system, dismantle the aircon to do an overhaul clean. And in this modern day, what do everyone do when they want to search for something? They get on the world wide web.                                                     

When we found Hydrokleen Global we were blown away by the innovative aircon cleaning system and got in touch with them immediately. We were further impressed by the effectiveness and efficiency of the Hydrokleen Global aircon cleaning system and how it can be used to deep clean different types of air-conditioners ranging from your typical wall-mounted, to cassette type, ceiling suspended and even ducted units. Visiting the factory and Head Office on the Gold Coast, Australia really cemented our appreciation for the level of quality and commitment from the HydroKleen Global team.

Being a cleaning system that are suited for multiple types of air-conditions has allow us to be able to introduce Hydrokleen not only to residential homes but to offices, factories, food processing facilities and schools as well. 

What really surprised us was how simple and convenient they had made the learning process. With the systemised approached, it really was a shallow learning curve. With the “train the trainer” framework we were able to get our team well trained and proficient in Hydrokleen practices and had staff clock in specific hours of practice before they start deep cleaning our customers air-conditioners. 

After being on board with Hydrokleen everything has been great so far. We are happy to have found a team of equally passionate people, who are proud of what they do and are similarly constantly striving to become a better version on oneself. In the case of developing Hydrokleen systems and procedures, multiple prototypes and over the years adjustments and tweaks were done to perfect it. It is truly commendable.

We are made to feel like being part of a multinational community and we have found the technical and customer service support to be very prompt and professional. John and his team are really zealous about what they do and how they do it. Which makes us confident and delighted to be part of it.  

The HydroKleen difference is truly in a league of its own. 


Airielle, from PassionAir M&E Pte Ltd, Singapore 

Our HydroKleen journey started when we were searching online for a better solution for cleaning HVAC machines for our existing HVAC business. We discovered HydroKleen and were impressed with their specialisation in cleaning a/c units and that they were approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia. When we approached them further, we found that the HydroKleen package, including the excellent machine, strong catchment bags and safe cleaning agent was a great choice for us.

We are now the only company in Surinam that represents HydroKleen and that we are specialized in one thing “Cleaning and sanitizing of HVAC systems”.  The machines that HydroKleen makes are not to compare to other machines on the market. The system is great we highly recommended them.

There are many cheap imposters in the HVAC cleaning market, but no system can clean and sanitise as well as HydroKleen Global equipment and systems, used by fully certified HydroKleen technicians. This results in cleaner, cooler (or warmer), healthier and more efficient air for HydroKleen customers. Here’s a video showing the incredible results our HVAC cleaning equipment can achieve.

We know that a HydroKleen Global license can be an incredible opportunity to expand an existing business or provide high-quality and health-conscious solutions to a new global market, through our market-leading HVAC cleaning equipment and systems.

Find out more about available licensing opportunities in your country.

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