3 Tips on Handling Difficult Customers

Successful businesses not only sell products or services, they make it a point to provide quality customer service to all of their clients – even the difficult ones. Businesses with poor customer service usually end up losing profits, revenues, customers, or going out of business entirely.

However, it’s hard to provide stellar customer service if you’re faced with a difficult customer. These three simple tips can help clear your mind and work your way towards a solution during this stressful time.

  1. Fix the problem ASAP

Running from the problem won’t help – it can only make it worse. When you know that a customer is not happy with your service, immediately ask them what you can do to remedy the situation. Even though dealing with an angry customer puts you in an uncomfortable situation, your eagerness to solve the problem ASAP tells your customers that you care about their concerns.

  1. Let them vent and listen intently.

Sometimes, letting the customer vent is the solution to the problem itself. However, it is important that you will remain calm and respectful the whole time because being forceful is a stumbling block to the path of resolution. Hold your tongue and don’t talk over the customer even when it’s really tempting to do so. By listening intently, you can build empathy and rapport with the difficult customer.

  1. Offer to rectify the situation.

After listening to your customer, you’ll know what they are unhappy about. If they’re not happy with the quality of your product, then give them a new one for free. If they’re not satisfied with your service, assess what went wrong and improve your service. If they’re not pleased with the employee performance, apologize and ask another staff member to step in and meet the needs of the customer.

If you run a business, it’s safe to say that you’ll definitely encounter difficult customers along the way if you haven’t already. It’s best to keep these tips in mind so you can handle any situation gracefully.

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