HydroKleen Global will offer an Equipment Licence Agreement to those that qualify to use our cleaning system.

Essentially there will be five elements to this package….

  • Our HydroKleen machine with all attachments.
  • All our catchment bags and catchment tank which include small, medium and large bags for wall splits plus catchment bag for ceiling cassettes.
  • Access to all our Intellectual Property including brand, marketing material and training.
  • Access to our online training on how to operate the equipment plus regular updated information.
  • The Equipment Licence Agreement which will allow you full use of our equipment and IP for an agreed period with renewal – as well as offering you brand protection in your location – nobody else other than a licenced HydroKleen operator will be able to use the word “HydroKleen”

There are no ongoing regular monthly fees as there is with franchising but there is a small licence renewal fee each year.

Under the Licence Agreement we supply spare parts, access to our intellectual property and marketing material, although there is no day to day assistance there will be personnel available at HydroKleen Global for any general enquiries. We do run training courses in Australia that you would have access to, at an additional cost, to assist you with growing your business using the HydroKleen Equipment in your country or location.

We also make you aware that a single Equipment Licence Agreement does not entitle you to any exclusivity in your country or location.

Should you want to secure exclusivity in your country then we can offer you an Exclusive Licence Agreement which operates much the same as an ordinary Licence but will be at a premium cost.

Under an Exclusive Licence you will still have to purchase the extra equipment packages from HydroKleen Global as you grow, but you get to control and grow HydroKleen however you want, as long as you remain within the confines of the Exclusive Licence terms.

Finally we advise that this is not a franchise and you are not obliged to use any of our systems should you chose not to.

Should you require more information we would ask that you fill out the International Enquiry Form. Once we have received the form back, we will then forward you more information that will assist you in understanding what HydroKleen Global can offer you.

You may still have many questions that you may wish to ask. Please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page – this may help in answering some of them.