• Company Name: Jesselton SDN BHD
  • Address: IR2/11 Block B Lot 11, MPL Saguking Warehouse, Jalan Patau-Patau
  • Mail: P.O.BOX 81366,87008, Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.
  • Phone: +6087-413504, 413142
  • Fax: +6087-414677
  • Mobile: +6019-8221717
  • Email: admin@jesseltonsb.com


Jesselton Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly known as Jesselton Air-conditioner & Electrical Service) was Registered on 1995. It is located in the main island of Labuan which lies off the North-West Coast of Borneo, separated from the East Malaysia state of Sabah by eight kilometres. With a population of only 100,000 (2015) and having a branch office in Kota Kinabalu. The island’s employment sectors cover the Government, entreport trade especially barter trade, shipbuilding and repairing, offshore oil-drilling operations, large and medium scale industries and light industries. A part from the Government Departments and agencies, such examples of large private organizations are Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Sabah Shell Petroleum Company, Sabah Shipyard and Amsteel Mills Sdn. Bhd. also in Sabah.

Since Labuan has been declared as an International Off-shore Financial Centre, many foreign companies are expected to come and invest on the island. As such, local companies have also improved their services and expertise. One area that is growing rapidly is the electric supply in Labuan. With an average electricity consumption of over 5 million KWH per month, the need for good and professional back-up private companies is extremely necessary to meet the requirements.

Jesselton Sdn. Bhd., as a dynamic Bumiputera company provides professional support in the Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering & Civil Construction, whilst the maintaining a high degree of efficiency in the maintenance services, the company employs qualified and experienced professional technicians, the majority of whom are employed as full time salaried staff in order to offer clientele continuity of personnel on a long term basis. Personnel selection is based on a recognized technical qualification in Electronic and all employees have to undergo additional in-house technical and operational training specific to the needs of the industry, on customer’s satisfaction.

The successful history of the company speaks for itself from a mere humble and small enterprise, the company has grown to the extent that it now owns a net asset valued at approximately 4.2 Million Ringgit, with an annual turnover of 4.9 million Ringgit.

The improved image, standard, quality of service and financial success of Jesselton Sdn. Bhd. are actually attributed by the hand work and tireless effort of its owner, who has gone through many rough competitions.

The company is managed by the Managing Director Mr. Edward Poh a Bumiputera businessman, who has negligible academic qualification. By profession he is a qualified charge-man, with a strong commitment and desire to prove his capability in the business world.

Today, Jesselton Sdn. Bhd. provides itself on the island of Labuan as one of the leading companies that provides a strong challenge in the Air-conditioning and Electrical service. It has also in the private and public sector. As a matter of commitment, it is also the policy of the company to conduct its activities in such a many that it takes full account of its employee’ health and safety while taking proper measures to protect the interest of its clients in the same manner.