How Can Having a Clean Air Conditioner Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Cleaning and maintaining an air conditioning unit may be unnecessary for some people. After all, why bother cleaning if it can still keep your house cool? Why fix something that is not broken? Why hire a professional cleaning company when you can clean it yourself, right? Wrong! Regular cleaning brings a lot of health and monetary benefits for you and your family in the long run.


How Can Regular AC Cleaning Save Your Money?


Increased Air Conditioner Efficiency

The dirt and dust build-up on the AC unit increases the amount of energy it uses. It gets clogged once it becomes dirty, so the normal airflow is impeded, thus making your unit work harder than it normally should. A well-maintained AC unit is expected to last a minimum of 10 years.


Reduced Electricity Bills

Air conditioners use a lot of electricity in a typical household, but a loss in efficiency will lead to higher electricity bills. In the same way, a dirty AC unit works harder, thus consuming more power and increasing its operating costs. A clean AC unit will save you dollars off your electric bills.


Better Indoor Air Quality

A dirty AC unit provides a suitable breeding ground for microbes. Air conditioners filter air, thus removing these pollutants from the air minimizing the irritants that trigger an attack if you or your family suffer from asthma and allergies.  


Avoids Costly Repairs and Premature Replacement 

A dirty air conditioner accumulates dirt and dust which eventually leads to bigger problems in the future, or worse a complete failure of your AC unit. When you regularly clean and maintain your AC unit, it prevents from costly repairs and premature replacement. 


Need Assistance With Your Air Conditioners? 


At HydroKleen, we have a team of highly experienced and trained technicians who are experts in removing all kinds of organisms from your AC unit. HydroKleen’s ‘fit for purpose’ equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents ensure the clean comes back to ‘as new’ condition. 


A HydroKleen Technician can detect and identify potential problems that your Ac unit may encounter in the future. While hiring expert cleaners will cost you money, it is still far reasonable and cheaper than the costs of future repairs and premature replacement.


If you are interested in purchasing a license, please fill in the enquiry form.

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