Questions and Answers.

You have already read the “HydroKleen Story” and have probably viewed our web site and videos on what we do.

HydroKleen Global are now offering Licence Agreements Exclusive and non-exclusive.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions…….

1. What is the difference between a Licence Agreement, Exclusive and non-exclusive?

A Licence Agreement allows a person or business to purchase our “Equipment Supply Package” (see attachment) and also access all of HydroKleen Global Intellectual property including, training systems, marketing material, stationery, spare parts, and continual updates on everything “HydroKleen”

A non-exclusive licence agreement, unlike an exclusive does NOT give you exclusive rights to any location or territory.

E.g. An Air Conditioning man or business in your location may also purchase a licence Agreement and be able to do the same as you.

The cost for an exclusive licence Agreement will vary for each location or country, and it will obviously cost a lot more than a non-exclusive licence Agreement because you will have exclusivity over your location or country.

2. Can I purchase more than one licence?

Yes you can purchase more than one. Each Equipment package is the same. As you grow your business you may need to purchase another Equipment package.

3. Is a Licence Agreement like a franchise?

HydroKleen Global makes it very clear that a HydroKleen Licence Agreement is not a franchise Agreement. You will be given access to our resource centre but unlike a franchisee there is no obligation to use any of those resources.

4. How will I benefit from keeping my licence active?

When you join Hydrokleen Global you will be given access to all of our resource and training information. Hydrokleen has compiled this resource centre over 6 years of operations and most of it will be relevant for all countries.

Whether you live in Australia or Saudi Arabia – giving your customer a “WOW” factor experience they won’t forget will result in keeping that customer for life and also driving more business to you or your company.

We offer you those dialogues and visual presentations so that you can emulate and achieve what we do in Australia for our franchisees.

5. Is there a renewal fee for a Licence?

Yes there is a small annual renewal fee to keep your licence active. This is to cover the constant updating of training,marketing, Intellectual property, and product/spare parts ordering which you will have access to.

6. What if I don’t pay the renewal?

Should you choose not to pay the renewal then your logins to all the Marketing, Intellectual property, training and constant updates will be turned off. You may also not have further access to our products or spare parts.

7. How do I work out whether I will get a return on my investment?

This is a good question. You can read the attachment “How do I calculate a return on investing….”which allows you to work out whether it is something you should invest in.

8. What do I actually get when purchasing an Equipment Supply Package and Licence?

If you open the attachment “Equipment Supply Package” it will list what you will receive – there is also a photo gallery of the Equipment so you can visualise what it looks like.

The licence gives you permission to use the HydroKleen equipment and a login to access our website for use of training, marketing, intellectual property, product and spare parts ordering. This is for your protection as well as ours.

Only HydroKleen licence holders will have access to the above.

9. What does an Equipment Supply Package and Single Licence cost?

The cost of the Equipment Package and Drafting of the Licensing Agreement is currently $21,987 AUD.

What we can’t calculate at present is your freight/packaging costs. Of course the further away from Port Brisbane Australia you are, the more the freight cost will be. We will request our International Freight Forwarders to quote exactly when we reach that point.

Rule of thumb for freight and packaging is $500 – $ 1000 AUD for Southern Hemisphere and $ 1000 – $ 2000 AUD for Northern Hemisphere.

PS These pricings can change without notice but all specific quotations to an individual or company will have a 30 day guarantee from date of quote.


10. Who owns the HydroKleen Trademark in your location or country?

HydroKleen Global will own the Intellectual property in your location or country. As long as you have a current Licence Agreement you will be able to use the name “HydroKleen” in any of your marketing but other air conditioning businesses in your location or country who do not have a licence will not be able to. If they try to use the word “HydroKleen” we will be able to stop them from doing so.

11. Can you register a business using the “HydroKleen” name?

You may use the Word HydroKleen in all your marketing but you cannot actually register the name “HydroKleen New Zealand” or “HydroKleen London” (example only) as a business until you have our written permission to do so.”

12. Can you visit our workshop in Australia to see what we do?

Yes by all means – we would encourage you to visit if possible. We have tried to give you “no gloss” videos of what we do, so that what you see is what you get!

As we grow into countries outside Australia we will post these locations on our web site and also give you contact details for the licensees in those countries or locations.

13. Do I need to be a qualified tradesperson?

In Australia our HydroKleen Technicians receive full training from HydroKleen Australia and are issued with a certificate which states that they have completed a HydroKleen training course.

Because our Technicians are not touching wiring or checking gas pressures they do not need to hold any Licence in Australia. Most of our Franchisees are fully qualified air conditioning Technicians.

While we do not understand the laws in other countries, it would be likely that technicians can operate our equipment on the same basis. You must check the laws and Workplace Health and Safety in your country or location to make sure you comply.

14. How many cleans a day do most people do?

One Technician can clean and service between 8 – 12 wall splits (mini splits) per day. These numbers will depend on how far you have to travel and how dirty the splits might be. Cassettes generally take about 2 – 3 hours if cleaned correctly.

Two Technicians in the one vehicle working together will clean upward of 15 – 20 wall splits (mini splits) per day.

We have assumed an 8 – 9 hour day.

15. How much cleaning agent would I use per clean?

If you are using the cleaning agent supplied by HydroKleen Global the cost per clean will be approximately $1.50 – $2.00 USD. Again, how much cleaning agent you use will depend on how dirty the air conditioner is.

16. Does the equipment need much maintenance?

The actual HydroKleen machine needs very little maintenance other than keeping it clean and neat and tidy. HydroKleen Global supply a spare pump and spare micro switch for the pump. While our pumps (12 volt) generally last 2 – 3 years before replacement generally they are trouble free. The longevity of the pump will also depend on how much you use the machine. Like anything the more you use it, the quicker it will wear out.

You will find when using the HydroKleen catchment bags that the small and medium bags will get used more often than the large bag. We have found in Australia that the bags that we use on a daily basis are lasting about 18 months – 2 years. We replace them more on the basis of them looking unprofessional, but they will still perform their function.

The more you look after your catchment bags the longer they will last.

17. Will I need a customer data software package?

Most good businesses will already have a customer data software package so it would be good business practise to continue to place your HydroKleen customers into your data system. This will allow you to set a task or an action for follow up re-cleans in 6 or 12 months time.

18. Do I need a separate vehicle to carry the equipment?

You may be able to fit the equipment into your current work vehicles as the biggest component is the HydroKleen machine. In your Equipment Package we supply two wheel locators for the machine and two tie down straps to lock the machine in place. It will be at your discretion as to how you fit these locators and tie down points in your vehicle.

We supply visuals of how we retain the machine in our Caddy Vans. You must also make sure that your catchments bags are stored correctly in the vehicle. Again, we will give you visuals of how we store them in our Caddy Vans.