Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

We regularly remind you that a clean air conditioner is better for your health, by removing mould and mildew, and better for your wallet, by helping it run more effectively. However, you may not have considered that a clean air conditioner also helps extend the life of your machine. A longer lasting air conditioner is better for the planet, by reducing waste and landfill, plus, it reduces the future replacement costs of what is often a significant investment for a household or smaller office.

Just like regularly servicing a car, it pays to look after your investment. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner should include:

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning filters every 3 months, or more regularly if required. The air conditioner filter is the ‘first line of defence’ when it comes to the air quality coming through your machine. The filter will catch the larger particles of dust, dirt and dog hair, reducing air flow through the machine as it builds up. It doesn’t catch ALL the microbial particles though, so thorough internal cleaning is also required.

Specialist Cleaning of Internal Components

To experience the benefits of extending the life of your air conditioner, a thorough clean of the barrel fan and surround, the coil and the drain is also important. These internal components can be difficult to reach and easy to damage, which is why we recommend a professional cleaner for these areas.

Additional Steps

For further dust and dirt reduction, to help maintain the air conditioner, don’t forget the plastic fascia, which is easily wiped clean, as well as a damp, not wet, wipe clean of the remote control. The outside unit (condenser) should also be checked for any dirt or debris build up, or any plants growing too close to the unit. Clearing space for improved air flow will help with running efficiency as well as the lifespan of your air conditioner.

At HydroKleen we take pride in our professionally trained professional cleaners and we are confident in our prompt and professional service. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising split systems, ducted units and ceiling cassette units.

So if you are contemplating cleaning your own air conditioner, don’t even think about it. Call HydroKleen instead.

HydroKleen is an amazing business opportunity if you are considering opening a licensing business.   HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our licensees are growing by the minute, this is because they believe in us, in our business model and in our systems and processes. We are also very transparent about our commitment to offer our expertise and help when need be. We started licensing in July 2015 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to 40 countries in just a short span of time.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System, please visit our website www.hydrokleenglobal.com or email [email protected]

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