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John Sanders - CEO/Director

John started his first business in 1972 in High Pressure Cleaning. He continued his business ownership by diversifying into chemical distribution and a restaurant and then into Real Estate in 1984.

He owned and co-directed a large residential real estate company employing up to 40 people in the Northern Territory. John sold this business looking for a lifestyle change and became employed by a major international franchise company in 2000. John was employed as the NSW Franchise Manager and in 2001 was appointed the National Franchise Manager where he stayed until 2005. John then joined his life partner to manage the rural sector of her two real estate offices she owned in the Hunter Valley. John was sought by another large international franchise group to oversee and direct their new development procedures, In 2008 John agreed to a 12 month contract in the Northern Territory. During this time John formed a partnership with Dean Gebert to form HydroKleen Australia Pty Ltd in early 2009.

During April 2011 Dean offered to sell his shares in HydroKleen Australia and HydroKleen International. John’s life partner, Sharon Jurd, took up that offer and became John’s business partner in both companies. John and Sharon also owned the HydroKleen Gold Coast franchise.

John is a member of Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce and Variety.

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We carefully help interested parties through our licensing process, to ensure you feel supported and that the business opportunity is well-understood.
Our goal is to support you in making a decision you are happy with, through strong, supportive relationships with our CEO and support team from the outset.
To get started, download our HydroKleen Global Information Package using the form below. We’ll email you further details of what is included in each licensing opportunity and provide an opportunity to schedule a call with our team to discuss this opportunity in detail. 

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