In 2008 HydroKleen developed Australia’s unique and innovative cleaning system forremoving the build-up of contamination from split system air conditioners. We decided that we would build a strong franchise model throughout Australia, over a five to seven year period, to ensure that we had the best system and equipment proven in the market place before we offered our system to the world. We are pleased to announce that we are now in a position to offer it globally.

Many years of research and development has been carried out, especially in designing a pump which was going to be strong enough to clean the dirtiest of coils and barrel fans without actually breaking or bending componentry – plus would cope with hot water on a continual basis, without failing.

The high pressure water pump we have developed over the years produces a much superior clean than current methods might offer.

Low pressure wet washing and/or steam will not remove the heavier build up that can occur in air conditioners over time.

The volume of water plus the pressure we can pump at without damaging componentry is both very time efficient and extremely cost effective (view our demonstrations)

It was also important that we developed a water catchment system which was malleable for all circumstances, including the fact that it did not leak. We now have a unique, high tech catchment system which is, by far, the most sophisticated catchment system available anywhere in the world.

The most challenging part was finding a cleaning agent which would not affect the components in any way. After developing and testing many different cleaning agents, we settled on a product which complies with all health standards and the cleaning needs required to ensure that we have a totally clean air conditioning system. Whilst we DO apply the cleaning agent to both the indoor and outdoor head unit, we leave NIL residue when the clean is finished. This is really important when dealing with asthma and allergen sufferers!

Incidentally, we are fully approved by the National Asthma Council Australia to do what we do.

Since we first started franchising in mid-2010, we have built a strong niche market franchise system nationally across Australia which continues to grow consistently.

From the outset the HydroKleen brand in Australia was steadfast about NOT being a multifaceted franchise group, trying to offer several different cleaning services – Eg Carpet cleaning, house cleaning, window cleaning , from under the one brand and being “just” another “general” multi cleaning service.

This has resulted in HydroKleen becoming the brand of choice for consumers when choosing a company to clean and service their air conditioners in Australia.

Our focus is NOT how many different cleaning services our franchisees can offer the consumer – we are all about offering one service and being the very best at delivering it.

This has now resulted in unprecedented enquiries from around the world including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, South Africa, Port of Spain, France, Brazil, Cypress, Turkey, Quebec plus many more.

We are currently receiving 3 to 4 enquiries a week from anywhere in the world.

In 2015 we have developed HydroKleen Global, using a different model to Australia in order to establish the HydroKleen system and branding across the world market.