Tech Tools That Come In Handy In Licensing

Technology has made millions of lives easier through tech tools all you need to do is take advantage of it. These apps are not only designed to make our lives more convenient, it has also helped thousands of licensees manage and organise their businesses.

It’s clear to see that more and more people are contemplating about being licensees perhaps because of its proven profitability. A proven business model and an established support system are just some of the reasons why business people are attracted to licensing.

Like start-up businesses, licensing can be complicated despite having clear systems and processes if you don’t know how to organise tasks. Luckily, there are tech tools that enable you to run your licensing business smoothly. The following are tech tools that come in handy in licensing.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular tool that licensees use to share documents with their licensor, employees and clients. This amazing tool is also compatible with chrome books. Google Drive allows you to access all of your documents and files in one place as long as there is an internet connection. This makes it easy for you to locate all the files you need giving you more time to focus on other important matters that are aimed to maximise your business’ potential profit. Collaborating and brainstorming is easier when all of you have access to the same files wherever you are in the world.

  1. Elance

Not all licensing businesses are alike. Although unconventional, there are some licensees who prefer not to hire employees and that’s okay. Licensees who do not hire employees usually seek the services of freelancers and this is where Elance gets in the picture. Elance is an incredible tech tool that virtually connects you to competent freelancers who can offer both short-term and long-term services. The great thing about this is that through the help of other tech tools such as social media apps, you can communicate with your hired freelancers easily.

  1. Google Now

Google Now is another favourite tech tool of licensees especially for android phone users. Google Now provides you with news articles from websites you frequently visit; it also gives you information about flights and upcoming appointments you have scheduled. We all know licensees are very busy people and sometimes being too busy can be stressful on their part. Google Now can make their lives relatively easier. Google Now is a handy tool that reminds you of the things you need to do, the people you need to meet and the places you need to be.

Licensees should really start looking into these amazing tech tools to make their lives a lot less stressful.

If you are contemplating about opening a licensing business we suggest you consider HydroKleen.

HydroKleen is an excellent business opportunity if you are considering being a licensee. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our licensees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started in July 2010 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries all throughout the world in just a short span of time.

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3 Mistakes Licensees Make And How to Avoid Them

The success of a business is usually measured by its survival in the business world considering the tight and aggressive competition. With the high survival rate of licensing, it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs are fascinated to jump right on the licensing bandwagon.

But do you know that although these statistics speak for itself, in reality not all licensing businesses last. Just like any other financial venture, licensing also comes with its fair share of risks.

So whether you are looking to license a gym, a food joint or an air conditioning cleaning company, we suggest you contemplate these pieces of insightful advice before you start signing papers.

The following are 3 mistakes licensees make and how to avoid them.

  1. Licensees look at awards, rankings and good press exclusively as measures to a successful business.

While it’s true that awards help build a business up, it shouldn’t be the only reason for you to be a part of it. As a matter of fact, it could be disastrous. Realise that all companies are doing their best to market their business and awards are merely a testament of their marketing efforts.  If you want to know whether or not a particular licensing business is a good investment, do more research rather than focusing on their awards.

  1. Licensees fail to seek out complaints online.

It is unwise to know about a business based on what their website says. Of course if you are browsing through their website all you’ll read are positive posts that encourage you to be a part of their business. If you really want to know whether or not a licensing opportunity is the right one for you, you need to start reading discussion sites and forums where existing licensees vent their complaints and disappointments about the business. These are real and unbiased stories coming from real people and you could learn a lot from them.

  1. Licensees expect complete autonomy.

If you want to be your own boss then perhaps you should rethink being a licensee. It’s true that you can manage your own business but once you are a licensee you are required to follow a certain number of rules to ensure the success of your business.

It is important you realise that these time-tested rules are the reasons why the business is successful in the first place. If you want to do it your way and follow your own rules then you shouldn’t be a licensee. You can avoid this by setting the right expectations and by understanding that once you become a licensee you are obliged to follow a set of rules for your business’ sake.

If you are currently looking for a business opportunity that can give you promising results we encourage you read about HydroKleen.

HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our licensees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started licensing in July 2010 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries all throughout the world in just a short span of time.

However, before you make your decision we highly encourage you to follow our advice in this blog post. Do you research, look beyond the awards, read complaints or ask our existing licensees about HydroKleen and last but definitely not the least understand the nature of licensing.

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What Type of Business can Give You More Time and Financial Freedom?

When you’ve been slaving away in the corporate world for years, you may have deprived yourself of freedom. Spending more than eight hours a day in a cubicle means eight hours spent away from family or eight hours spent away from doing what you’ve always wanted to do like playing golf or traveling the world perhaps.

But even though you are aware of this you know that being in that cubicle is the most rational thing to do. And besides, society expects adults to work so they can fend for themselves and for their respective families. But do you know that there is another way, a way that allows you to enjoy more time for yourself so you can travel across continents and experience new cultures?  And no we’re not talking about applying as flight crew. We’re talking about being able to do what you love while being financially independent through business.

The business world has evolved and the birth of franchising and licensing has given millions of people an option to leave their cubicles and be their own bosses. The amazing thing about operating as a licensee is that you can run your own business and earn money while at the same time having enough time for yourself.

You can rest easy knowing that your business structure has already been studied and tested and your licensor has already established systems and processes so you can run your business efficiently. All that is left for you to do is to focus on running an income-generating business, the rest has been done for you.

You don’t have to worry about who will train you and your employees or worry about how you’ll produce manuals and marketing materials because all these have already been taken care of by your licensor.

HydroKleen is a great business opportunity if you are considering operating as a licensee. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our licensees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started franchising in Australia in July 2010 and ever since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries throughout the world in just a short span of time.

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How Many Air Conditioners Will there be in 2030?

The world is getting hotter and hotter and with today’s hot climate it’s easy to understand why people are no longer hesitant to purchase air conditioners. The demand for air conditioners isn’t stopping any time soon in fact more and more people are willing to shell out cash just to live comfortably. Add to that our growing economy, people can now afford to buy air conditioning units to keep themselves cool and comfortable during the hot seasons.

It is estimated that by year 2030 over 700 million air conditioning units are going to be installed and by year 2050 around 1.6 billion. That number is indeed something to think about especially if you are in the air conditioning industry. As the number of air conditioners continue to increase year after year and possibly exploding by year 2050, the demand for your business without doubt is going to go through the roof.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wishes to venture into a new business and with these figures, there really is little need for a feasibility study because obviously people will want to have their air conditioners cleaned and sanitised otherwise their bills are going to soar. And since we know that dirty air conditioners can affect the thermostat, we can already predict that when their ACs are no longer emitting cool air due to dirty machines it will drive homeowners to seek your services at some point. Isn’t that something worth looking forward to?

And with the help of social media, maximise our reach and educate more and more people about the need to have their air conditioners inspected, cleaned and sanitised.

If you are currently looking for a business that has the potential to make it big we urge you to learn more about HydroKleen. HydroKleen is a wonderful opportunity for business-minded individuals who are willing to do what it takes to achieve success.

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HydroKleen’s Core Values – The Secret To Their Success

The success of a business lies on how they uphold their core values.

Building a strong culture in your business is something that you need to strive for every day and you can do that by upholding your company’s core values. A business without core values is no business at all. You’ll have no culture, no uniformity and no unity among those who work for you and work with you and that can be a real struggle especially during trying times.

In order to protect your business you have to establish core values. These core values have the power to give your business tremendous benefits such as gaining invaluable wisdom to place and assign the appropriate people across different sectors of your business, coming up with a simplified and doable corporate process and more importantly having core values allow your business to attract the right people to your organisation giving them every opportunity to thrive. When your organisation is founded by the company’s core values then success is really just around the corner.

The success of HydroKleen is no secret. Like any other business we started with a brand that is not renowned, a brand that was only known to us. We started from scratch but somehow through work and dedication we made it through and we consider ourselves successful by the standards we set.

Not all companies catapult to success but we pride ourselves in the success we’ve achieved so far in our journey and we owe it all to HydroKleen’s core values. Struggles are normal but when you have core values to go back to, it will give you the drive, the motivation and the inspiration to press on and do what you are supposed to do.

So when you are having doubts with your business, go back to your core values and remember them by heart. At HydroKleen, we treat each member of our organisation as family, we respect each other’s opinions and we care for each other and by working together we are better able to achieve our goals.

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Get the Life-Work Balance You Have Always Wanted Through Licensing

There is a way to juggle life and work and it’s not that hard!

One of the hardest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur is juggling life and work. It is seems as though the harder your work to earn money, the less time you’ll have to enjoy it. It is not unusual for you to hear business owners complain about not having enough time for themselves or for their families because they are too busy and too engrossed with their goal to succeed.

Remember the famous saying, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life?” Well, entrepreneurs already know this but they can’t help themselves because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Between family and work, the former always gets compromised because we know that our family will always understand. This explains why people choose work over family at times because of every day demands.

The business industry has become more and more creative and over time business owners have found ways to make their lives easier so they can have enough time for work while making time for themselves and for their families. HydroKleen is the kind of business that can offer you both. A business that allows you to have time for your family and time for yourself and your hobbies while you are making money.

HydroKleen, with its systems and processes, is an excellent business opportunity for you if you are considering a new business venture. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our licensees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started franchising in July 2010 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries all throughout the world in just a short span of time.

If you are ready to gain control over your life and your work, we suggest you give HydroKleen some thought.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System please email our support office on or visit our website

Smart Tenant

A property manager refused to pay for cleaning of their tenant’s air conditioners by HydroKleen Australia, so the tenant went ahead and paid for it themselves. Take a look at these before and after photos. What do you think? Should tenants band together and pressure property managers to take better care of the health of their tenants? Is your property manager aware of the health risks that could be living inside your aircon?

smart tenant

Exclusively Approved

HydroKleen Australia is Exclusively Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program for the cleaning and sanitizing of Air conditioner units.  As of the 1st of January 2016 HydroKleen Australia is proud to announce that it has now gained exclusivity as a part of this program.  This was no easy feat as we had to clearly demonstrate all of the processes and cleaning agents that we use in order to get the tick from the product advisory panel.

Asthma Foundation

The Product Advisory Panel

Written applications for approval of products and services are considered by an independent (and voluntary) Product Advisory Panel.

Panel membership includes: a respiratory physician, a clinical and academic allergist, an industrial chemist, a general practitioner, a pharmacist and an engineer.

In simple terms, the Panel will assess: •

the likelihood that a product or service may cause harm •

whether the product offers potential benefits to people with asthma or allergies.

In evaluating an application, the Panel considers: •

credible evidence, particularly independently conducted testing •

ingredients for all products containing chemicals •

product samples •  compliance with all relevant Australian or New Zealand laws, regulations and applicable standards •

peer-reviewed research.



Mushrooms in SEQ Restaurant AirCon!

Aircon Mushro

We do come across some horrific sights within air conditioners and we are pleased that the message is getting around that while it may be clean on the outside its what’s inside that can be making you and your family sick

Check out these images from a SEQ restaurant aircon. Thankfully they did something about it to make sure that their guests are now breathing healthy air. Might be worth a quick look up a the air conditioners at your local restaurant to see what is blowing across your next meal.






Reduce Seasonal Asthma and Allergy Triggers

Asthma Triggers

With warmer weather just around the corner, now’s the time to think about spring cleaning. If you are one of the two million Australians with asthma, this is an especially important time of the year.

Over the winter months dust, dirt and allergens such as mould can build up in your home, triggering allergy symptoms and asthma in susceptible people.

Adam Trumble, Partnerships Manager at the National Asthma Council, says that an effective way to manage this is by spring cleaning, which will reduce triggers in the home.

“People with asthma can benefit from a spring clean more than most. A thorough once-over of your home helps control both indoor and seasonal allergens,” says Adam.

With more than eight in 10 people suffering from asthma also being affected by allergies, a clean and healthy environment is an important part of reducing asthma and allergy triggers.

“You won’t completely eliminate allergens, but there are many ways to reduce exposure for you and your family.”

Adam said that those with asthma and allergies also needed to consider their cleaning products, technique and ventilation to ensure that any spring cleaning doesn’t contribute to their asthma and allergy symptoms.

“You don’t want to just move dust around and send allergens and irritating cleaning chemicals into the air – this could have an adverse effect.

“There are many ways to help eliminate allergens in the home this spring. Use a damp cloth to dust hard surfaces; change or clean filters in vacuums, air-conditioners and air purifiers; vacuum drapes and upholstery; and importantly, remove mould.”

Here are Adam’s top tips for spring cleaning to help keep your allergies and asthma under control:

Get rid of old clutter. Clearing out your old belongings reduces dust significantly. Store everything in closets and drawers to minimise dust collection.

Dust forgotten surfaces. Over the winter months, dust will have collected on windows, blinds, curtain rails and skirting boards. Use a damp cloth to clean these areas and then rinse it out well. Don’t fluff the dust up into the air by using a feather duster though; this just distributes dust around the home.

Vacuum thoroughly. If possible, ask someone else to do the vacuuming, as this increases allergens in the air for up to 20 minutes. Use a quality vacuum cleaner that removes particulate matter (these often have HEPA filters).

Remove dust mites from bedding. Ensure that bedding, sheets, pillow-cases and quilts are washed (at greater than 55°C) at least once every two weeks. Encasing the mattress and pillows in protectors will stop the transfer of dust mites.

Clean drapes and upholstery. Because allergens cling to soft surfaces, it’s essential to wash, dry-clean or vacuum drapes, as well as vacuum sofas and chairs to remove lingering allergens, and wash or dry-clean throw rugs. Vertical blinds or roller shades are less likely to accumulate dust than drapes.

Change or clean old filters in air-conditioners, vacuums and air purifiers. Keep the air coming into your house clean and fresh.

Clean up after pets. If you have a pet who has spent a long winter indoors, vacuum your pet’s sleeping quarters well. Wash the pet’s bedding frequently.

Remove mould. Mould is a significant and sometimes overlooked trigger of asthma. After removing mould, take steps to prevent it coming back such as sealing bathroom leaks and treating rising damp as soon as it’s detected.

Allergen avoidance doesn’t cure asthma, but by reducing your exposure to allergen triggers you may improve your asthma control and help make symptoms easier to manage.

For more information on asthma and allergy sensitive products, and tips on removing allergens around the home, visit the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice website:

The Sensitive Choice program helps educate Australians about managing their asthma and allergy triggers and also encourages companies to recognise the health concerns of people with asthma or allergies. Some manufacturers have even been inspired to develop specific new products, such as carpets, for this community.